Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts recognizes the changing dynamics and evolving nature of artistic practice at the local, national and international levels. We are a Faculty that welcomes and integrates all disciplines of the arts, in an effort not only to incorporate knowledge and stimulate artistic production, but also to recognize the vitality and importance of art in our lives. This is why we strive to develop creative human beings, with initiative and a critical sensitivity towards the needs of our communities, as well as an impulse to explore and expand the possibilities of the arts, both in their expressive means as in the strategies required to promote them in our cultural environment.



José Antonio Torres, s/n Ex-Ejido Coahuila, 

C.P. 21380


 Tel: (686) 689-08-15 
correo:  artesmxl@uabc.edu.mx

2021 - Facultad de Artes

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California