Fine Arts

The objective of the Bachelor of Fine Arts educational program is to train an autonomous, critical and proactive arts professional, with the knowledge and skills to develop production projects in the visual arts and to perform critical, teaching and management activities with a sense of ethics as well as social and environmental responsibilities.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements for admission to any educational program offered by UABC, the Faculty of Arts carries out a selection process for applicants to our BFA program.

This process is carried out during the dates prior to the enrollment process at the University:

  • Submission of a portfolio of artworks done by the applicant in any of the following fields: sculpture, drawing, painting or engraving.
  • A series of artistic exercises carried out in the presence of the evaluation committee, which is composed of teachers specialized in these fields. The Faculty of Arts will provide the necessary materials.
  • A personal interview with members of the evaluation committee.

Applicant’s Profile

To facilitate their permanence, development and evolution in the field of the arts, applicants to the Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts must possess the following characteristics:

  • An interest in both artistic visual manifestations (painting, sculpture and graphics) as well as other fields (film, video, comics, design and fashion).
  • An interest in the use of the tools, materials, mediums and techniques for art production.
  • To possess the necessary study habits and discipline for the realization of all educational activities.
  • An appreciation for reading.
  • A desire to communicate and promote and appreciation for the visual arts.

Degree Profile

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a professional prepared to generate a multidisciplinary approach to artmaking, so as to develop him or herself in the professional field of arts, with a sense of involvement of his or her artistic projects in the cultural dynamics of society, aimed at the socioemotional and cultural development of individuals. He or she will be able to:

  • Generate works of technical proficiency and discursive congruence, integrating materials, tools and techniques of the visual arts, to contribute to the development of the professional field of art, with a sense of responsibility.
  • Design and implement art education projects, with the use of strategies and methods that have an impact on human development, with empathy and a respect for diversity.
  • Design and manage cultural projects, based on contemporary artistic work through methodological procedures, to contribute to the socio-cultural dynamics of the region with an innovative attitude.
  • Produce critical discourses about the visual arts, through texts based on the theory and history of art to disseminate knowledge and promote the appreciation of artistic production in the community, with a clear sense of ethics.

Occupational Field

Graduates of the Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts will be able to develop and grow as producers of artworks, as art teachers, in the formation of audiences, in the organization of cultural agencies or institutions, as art critics and curators, as well as advisors and/or consultants in the realization of artistic projects in the local, state, national and international sectors.

  • Cultural institutions and agencies
  • Basic, middle and higher education institutions
  • Formal and non-formal education
  • Government cultural agencies.
  • Cultural and educational institutions
  • Cultural agencies and art promotion
  • Art companies and galleries
  • Tourism sector
  • Consulting and advisory services for artistic projects
  • Independent artist
  • Art and cultural collectives
  • Consulting skills for cultural projects
  • Curatorship and art criticism
  • Design and cultural image
  • Cultural promoter



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