The Bachelor of Music is the professional prepared for instrumental performance, music teaching and cultural management, through the study, understanding and appropriation of the various languages and musical expressions in which it develops; to enter the professional field and intervene through artistic projects in society and community with respect and openness to the multicultural.

Admission Requirements

The Bachelor's Degree in Music is oriented to those who possess the knowledge required for the development of said discipline. Applicants who obtain a passing score in the psychometric and knowledge exams, must also pass the knowledge exams in the area of music, in accordance with the terms established in the call for admission. The examination of musical knowledge and performance of the instrument of interest is conducted in the presence of the evaluation committee, which will be formed by academics of the disciplinary area.

  • Completed bachelor's degree or be in the last semester of it.
  • Those required by the Call for the Undergraduate Admission Selection Competition (Department of Student Services and School Management).
  • Submit and pass the psychometric and knowledge exams.
  • Submit and pass the instrument audition and the evaluation of specific knowledge in the area of music.

Applicant’s Profile

Criticism, creativity and sensitivity for the development of the arts Interest in performing and practicing artistic activities Reflection and self-criticism in the exercise of the arts.

Responsibility to fulfill the tasks and activities inherent to the academic work Tolerance and respect for national and foreign ideologies and cultures.
Average knowledge of the technique of a musical instrument Advanced knowledge of Solfeggio.

Degree Profile

  • The Bachelor of Music will have the training to exercise with quality and excellence the following professional competencies:

  • Interpret musical works through the management of technique, theoretical knowledge and constant practice to increase their professional musical level, with creativity, discipline and teamwork spirit.

  • Train and update human resources through methodological and pedagogical tools to raise the level of music teaching with an attitude of openness to cultural diversity.

  • Manage music projects through a project methodology, to generate opportunities for employability and dissemination of musical culture, with a creative, enterprising and honest attitude.

Occupational Field

Graduates of the Bachelor's Degree in Music will be able to develop their professional activity as performers, teachers or cultural managers in the local, state, national and international spheres in the following sectors:

  • Cultural institutions and agencies
  • Basic, middle and high school educational institutions
  • Government orchestras and cultural groups.
  • Cultural and educational institutions
  • Cultural agencies and concert promotion
  • Orchestras and chamber groups
  • Soloist
  • Writer and script analyst for television and film.
  • Film and video editor.
  • Designer of: digital animation, audio, web pages.
  • Video producer.
  • Director of commercial spots and music clips.


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